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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

RV-12 Sunday holiday flight to NJ 2014

This past Sunday Memorial Weekend 2014 we had a 5 ship flight to NJ.  Scott (RV8), Mark (RV12) and me (RV12) out of Limerick – KPTW, took off about 8:30 am headed east to South Jersey Regional - KVAY.  Meeting us there was Dave (RV12) and Jonathan (piper) from Cecil County 58M.  Our first leg of the flight was less than 30 min; temps were in the mid 70’s and smooth air at that time.  We stayed under the Philly area space to KVAY.  Great visibility, overall a very nice flight!

We had a great breakfast at the Runway Grill and the staff was very friendly.  Nice airport to visit. 

  After breakfast we all parted ways, Dave and Jonathon headed back to Cecil County, Scott on to another RV fly-in.  Mark and I decided to head to the Jersey shore.  We headed south then east around the military operations and restricted air space.

Threading the needle we made it to theshore and headed north just off the coast of Seaside Heights for about 10 miles then turned west back over Trenton and home.  

Arriving back in Limerick about 1:30 pm with a total flight time of 2:00 hours of pure fun 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Custom touch on my RV-12 Pin-striping :)

The last two weeks I have been Pin-striping the RV12, she has a very nice paint job but I decided to clean up some of the lines.  I had Mike, a custom car pin striper apply black lines on the red and white and metallic silver on the blue and white.  

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Young Eagle Flight - in a Rv12

One of the best things about flying is sharing the passion of flight. There is a group of very hardworking students building a RV12 as a project at Wings Field (KLOM). I have been over to visit them a few times and today took one of the students up flying in N25DV. Naial got to have some stick time and is a natural :). Flights like this are arranged under the EAA Young Eagles program. The EAA program provides introduction to flying for many young men and woman.