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Sunday, June 29, 2014

More Formation training today

Today was a great day of formation training.  Went up and practiced with Scott for the 4th of July parade in Pottstown.  We will be starting off the parade with a two ship formation (smoke and all) above the parade route. 

After the initial briefing, we prepared to take off from Pottstown Muni and headed north as “Dragon Flight of 2”.  We both took off in formation using interval take offs and once in the air I joined up on Scott as the #2 plane in route.  Route formation is not as tight, but still close.  After route position was established we got into finger formation.   

As discussed in the briefing we worked on signals and maneuvers.   Our next maneuver was the cross under from the left to the right.  We practiced a few of those on each side. 

Next was close trail, down and back of his RV 8.  After a flying a little in close trail Scott called for Extended Trail and if not already the fun level got turned up.  In extended Trail  the lead will conduct large Lazy 8s to allow wingmen to use slight lead and lag on the aircraft in front to maintain 500 -1000' spacing in trail.  Simple terms follow the leader; my concentration level was very high as we gracefully danced through the sky. 

As we rapped up, he signaled me and put me back into finger formation and Return to Base (RTB) we headed back to KPTW Heritage field, our home.  We entered the pattern for an OVERHEAD PATTERN (BREAK / PITCHOUT) to a landing using the Hot and cold side method. 

Spacing was perfect and I could have asked for anything better other than video from the ground.  We taxied in while in formation,the turn in perfect Synchronization and shut off the engines.  (Way Cool).

Then the dreaded debriefing was next, Scott took it easy on me, but lots to work on and practice, practice, practice.  All in all I was happy, but as with everything the more you know the less you know. 

Till next time.

The bottom pictures are from my APRS tracking of the flight.  The last fight can be viewed and zoomed on by going to my website and under APRS pick ether one of the view for N25DV.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Flight with Sadie in my RV-12 060814

I got married this past weekend to a great woman,

Peg & David Valcik
Peg loves to fly, asks on weekends are you going to the airport to fly or visit your buddies, and said are you going to build another plane (as long as it at the hanger not in the living room, like the first one you built). The kids flew in for the wedding, we had a house full.  The four boys and Sadie, Stephen’s wife we hear for the weekend.

As expected the common question was, “Dad when are we going flying?” Scott, my buddy offered to take boys up for a few G’s and a fun flight in his RV8. They flew in the back of his tandem RV8.  A few barrel rolls and high G turns in Scott's plane and they returned with big smiles.  

Photos from Stephen's iPhone

 Some formation flight for photos - Scott and I swapped wingman positions for different photos

Formation Flight

I got to share the flight with my daughter law. What was special about taking her up flying was she designed the paint Scheme for my RV12.  She had not seen the plane or flown in it since it was finished.
Comments like “this is great just after taking off” and do you want to fly, “really can I?”  She got a little stick time and did a great job flying.  

Sadie with her serious selfie face

Once again it is great to share the passion of flight with someone. the link below is a short video edited down on my YouTube channel;


Monday, June 2, 2014

Late Sunday quick RV12 flight

Sunday I took a quick RV12 flight around the Limerick (KPTW) area, with Peg.  I wanted to check out a few things with the avionics and test the autopilot.  It was perfect for her to enjoy the scenery without being bounce around.  Temps were 65 degrees @ 2500 ft; visibility was greater than 20 miles and winds calm and variable. 

Pulling out of my driveway on the way to the hanger the neighbors were on their deck.  Quick pleasantries and they asked what we were doing.  We said heading to the airport for a quick flight, so they quickly said fly over the house since we are cooking out and will be here. 

We got to the airport and did the prefight check and took-off heading south from KPTW.  

As I stated above the view was great.  We could see downtown Philly.  Came over the house and saw them waving.  We were 1000 ft above; I didn't want to drop to the minimums,  also cut back power so we were quiet, then headed back around for another pass.  Decided to make their day or mine, turned on smoke leaving a trail for them.  Then continued on for the next 20 min just enjoying the view and playing with the avionics

Great Day for flying, it doesn't get much better with the freedom of flight and sharing the experience with someone (with a big smile) in the passenger seat