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Thursday, October 2, 2014

RV12 formation practice

Today Mark and I scheduled a formation practice session.  Scott was the safety pilot in Marks plane.  We were a flight of 2 RV12s.  After about an hour of class review we started our flight briefing.  I was the lead or #1 ship.  The sortie was to be about 45 minutes long.  Practicing very basic maneuvers; starting with an interval take-off,  joins, breaks, strong left and right, cross unders, and trail.

We set a hard deck of 2000 with no more 30* bank and 15* pitch.  Our speed was 90 kts for this practice session, which seems to be a good speed for a 4 ship element. 

Short 5 min video shot from inside the cockpit and the GoPro on the wing tip, unfortunately I put the camera on the left side and most of the maneuvers were on the right. (Still got some good footage)

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