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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Flight to celebrate the life of a pilot friend

We flew over to Cross keys NJ for a get-together to celebrate the life of a pilot friend of ours.  Mark and I met up in the air over his airport and flew underneath the Philly class B space. Flight altitude  was 1600 ft just under the 2000 ft floor for the first ring.  Nice day to fly, a short 25 min trip by air versus a 1:20 drive.

Delaware river - Philly off of the left wing (above) and Wilmington off of the right wing (below)

Parked at Cross Keys, NJ

Mark's and my track

We met up with another pilot and then went to the house.  On our way out we flew in loose trail over the house and then headed back.  I chose to drop down to 1200 ft and fly under the 1500 ft ring in PHIL class b space, this even shorted the trip cutting the corner.  

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