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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Why we fly....

There are many reasons I and others fly, just a few of mine - 
  • the freedom of leaving the earth
  • the focus on the task of flying with the feeling there is nothing else going on in the world except the focus on flying
  • very rewarding feeling to know as a pilot you are in a very small club and even smaller number of pilot builders
  • my favorite is sharing the passion of flying with people and other pilots.  

It is always a privilege to share flight with young adult through programs like young eagles.  I like to believe you will occasionally inspire a future pilot.  Another way I enjoy flight is to share the flight with a student pilot or a new pilot and that's what brings me to write today’s blog. 

I know Rich through a pilot’s web forum and have shared ideas and thoughts about flying.  He was just finishing his pilot training and about to take his check-ride.  Last fall I invited him to join me on a flight to a local fly-in. the flight was a short 45 min trip.  The flight was good, he got a little stick time with the RV12.  Rich was ready for his check ride and demonstrated that he would not have any problems with the test standards.  We causally discussed the exam and standards for the sport pilot license.

Today I received an email from Rich.  He is a proud owner of a Sport Cruiser similar to the pictures below.

Rich’s email below;

Hi Dave,

I just purchased a 2011 SportCruiser… 225 hours… absolutely mint.
Very unique opportunity!

Dave, I wanted to say thank you again for that flight with you.
It really made an impression on me:
first time to a small local fly-in and experience of PA by air

** But mostly how you were so meticulous about your aircraft and the way you use it.
Everything was highly organized and precise.
Seriously… I've flown with quite a few people… many very good pilots and owners…
but there was just something that impressed me about the way you did it…
… the little details at your fingertips. Like the checklist and tunes on the 796 etc.
… but not just that… it kind of carried over to everything. It was a MINDSET.
It was like "Ahhhh… so this is how you do it right when you have your own plane."

Hope you are doing well in a happy marriage, new job & flying.

See you at a fly-in!!

- R

I am almost as happy as he is with his new baby.  One more pilot with a beautiful plane to continue sharing the passion of flight.

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